Faq underline

A) What is BookMyRead ?

BookMyRead is an online children’s book library (for ages 0 to 12 Years), delivering books right to your doorstep. Our collection includes top national as well as international children’s books, as well as titles that are not easily available in India or are very expensive to purchase. We also have a collection of classic children’s authors and series. 

b) What does BookMyRead do ?
As a home-delivery reading library we aim to make the reading experience hassle-free, affordable and enjoyable for both parent and child. All you need to do is become a BookMyRead member, select your books from our online catalogue and wait for the books to be delivered to your doorstep. 

c) What are the benefits of becoming a BookMyRead member ?

The BookMyRead members have access to a wide range of collection of books so you can choose from among children’s favorite series/authors/titles across various categories and genres. Also while children love to read, buying original books can be expensive, not to mention create storage difficulties for parents. With The BookMyRead you can bid all these hassles goodbye and enjoy privileges such as:

Delivery and pick-up of books from your doorstep.
Flexible rental plans for every kind of requirement.
Selecting books according to your child’s likes and dislikes at your convenience.

d) How do I search for a book on the website ?

The website has a comprehensive ‘search’ feature available at the top of most pages. You can make use of our categories & refine search options for a simpler and intuitive search. or look for books categorised age wise. 

e) What is the holding period of the books ?
you hold the books for 1 month . So you choose a book plan ( basic, medium or high) accordingly

f) Is my registration valid for all life ?
The registration is valid as long as i have yoru security deposit. Even if you decide to take a break, you can resume whenever you want to. However, if you withdraw your security deposit, you are liable to pay the registration again.

- Renewal, late fees and different plans

You can renew all of the books for another month if you are not done reading it. 
Late return of books beyond a month will be extra chargeable at Rs. 10/- per day (for the set). 
- We have a monthly, half yearly and a yearly plan.
For instance- half yearly plan implies 6 delievries however they need to be finished within the timeline of 6 months. Similarly for the yearly plan. 
If one keeps a certain set of books for a longer than the stipulated time, they will be considered reissed to you for another month. 
- If in between a plan, you are traveling etc please send the books back to us for us to put your account on hold. You could resume your plan exactly from where you have left in this case. 

- Payment and receipt

You can pay by cash to our delivery person when the books are delivered each month. We will send the receipt over with our delivery person.

- Refundable Deposit

You will have to pay a deposit amount based on the plan you choose. It will be returned once you stop subscribing after assessing any damage to books or other library materials.

- Maintaining your wishlist

Keep adding books to your wishlist at regular intervals. Have a minimum of 30 books to start with. And once you have read those books remove them from your wishlist.

We would try to deliver the books in your wishlist provided they are available at that time. If not we would suggest some similar titles for you to pick from. If you have some preferences please call us or drop a mail and we will try our best to have them arranged for you at the earliest.

- When will I receive books

Once you register we will call you in a couple of days to schedule the delivery. We will intimate you before delivery.

- Areas for delivery

Currently we deliver books to homes across Kolkata.

elivery charges are extra applicable at a very nominal rate.

(Currently we do not deliver to and beyond)

-There will no delivery or pickup of books on the following days


 Holiday list here


Books selecting, caring and reading resources

- Need help selecting books

The details page of the book can give you all the information you need.

And we are there to help you with book suggestions, reading tips and to get you started on the road to reading.


- Categories, age group, tags – where do I begin?

The age group filter is to help you choose based on the age of your child. Most books overlap across age bands.

Categories are more for highlighting certain broad subjects, type of books. The Early Learning books will have ABC, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Animals, First word books for babies and toddlers. Under categories books are more specific.


- Caring for books

Now this is a tough one. How can kids be trusted with books? They can be!

We as parents have to teach children on caring for books. It’s a form of discipline that needs to be inculcated right from the start.

Babies – No chewing. No reading at meal time.

Toddlers – No tearing. No throwing

Older Kids – No scribbling. No hitting sibling.

You can always get the children their own set of books from our gift shop. They still have to handle them with care.

Flashcards will be provided in their own boxes so you put them back for storage after use.

- Damage to books and other materials

As parents we will have to ensure the books are cared for and handled delicately. But accidents do happen. Minor ones can be overlooked but if the book is damaged considerably or is rendered unreadable it might require the cost for replacing it. flashcards become unusable even if one piece/card is lost.


- Do not find the book you are looking for

If you do not find the book you want you can recommend those titles to us. Just send us an email at and we will get started on it.


Gift Baskets

- Why Gift books to babies and kids?

If you think you would rather gift toys or clothes…stop!

Now start again…Should I gift books? Absolutely!

Books are the most wholesome gift you can give kids and their parents. The earlier thy start

- Know nothing about children’s books. How to gift one?

We do the research. We pick the best books ensuring they are age appropriate and would excite young minds. All you need to do is tell us the age of the child and we will prepare the bundle/basket just for you. We can also write a personal message from you on the books.

-  Delivering the gift

We can deliver them at your doorstep for free if you live in Kolkata.



- What can I share?

We welcome parents to share their reading experience. You can send us pictures of kids reading - be as creative as you want to be – with accompanying text. Any tips/ ideas on introducing books to little ones or any other measures to help inculcate the reading habit are appreciated.

You can also share ideas, info on any other topic associated to children and parenting.

- How can I share?

You can email your pictures/ articles to We would review and publish them in our blog and /or Facebook page