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As an avid reader, I have a profound love for books. A natural inclination towards books was quite normal in our times, but as a mother to kids in this tech era, I realized that this love has to be fired in my children.

I started to make books a natural part of our environment and reading a daily fun habit. Close friends and family started visiting us for our reading sessions and started to borrow books from our treasured library. Hence the idea of BOOKMYREAD was born !

I noticed that a lot of parents had a desire to get their children to read but did not know where to start and how to nurture the habit of reading. Well, we help you through the process of selecting the right books, correct approach and deliver them right at your doorstep.

BOOKMYREAD is a humble initiative from a mom to all the mom’s and dad’s who wish to imbibe the joy of reading in their little geniuses.

Lets together build a safe, holistic, and a progressive environment for our future generation !


Regards ,

Neha Gupta

Reader, Dreamer and Mom to two angels – Kaira and Dia