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Great lives - VERGHESE LIVES



Age: Ages 6 to 8

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The new Scholastic Biographies will capture the great lives that have inspired generations and continue to motivate young and old alikeThe interesting text and graphic novel format gives the book a unique flavor. How Kurien’s tenacity and perseverance and his complete dedication to the welfare of Indian farmers helped him overcome various challenges. Can one man change the face of a stagnant industry in India? Read on about the life of Verghese Kurien, the milkman of India. Presented through both comics and text as part of Scholastic’s new Great Lives Series, his book takes a look at the life of one of India's most enterprising, innovating and dedicated personalities ever. A Children’s Bookshelf Selection: Each month our editor’s pick the best books for children and young adults by age to be a part of the children’s bookshelf. These are editorial recommendations made by our team of experts. Our monthly reading list includes a mix of bestsellers and top new releases and evergreen books that will help enhance a child’s reading life.

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