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NIBI water song

Author: sunshine tenasco

Format: paperback

Age: Ages 4 to 6

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Quick Overview

Nibi is an indigenous girl on the search for clean water to drink. Though she is faced with repeated obstacles, nibi's joyful and determined energy become a catalyst for change and action as her community and, in widening circles, the country and government, rally around her to make clean drinking water available for all. There is a strong underlying message that even when a problem seems too large to face, every bit that everyone does helps. And inaction is not an option. Sunshine ten as Co, an anishinabeg activist for clean water, has an amazing optimistic spirit that shines through her writing. The hopeful tone and lyrical read-aloud quality of this gentle allegorical tale open the door to conversations and action aimed at young children, whether they are on a Reserve that does not have clean water or they are living with access to clean water. Chief lady bird's stunning, original Artwork carries through the themes of strength, hope, and resilience in an incredible collaboration of talent.