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Toddler touch First Numbers

Author: ladybird

Format: board book

Age: Ages 2 to 4

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Quick Overview

Ladybird Toddler Touch: First Numbers is a fun way to introduce toddlers to numbers. They get to see and feel the pictures in this book as they count them to find the numbers they represent.

Toddlers are at a stage when their perceptions and awareness of objects and concepts are just awakening. They are no longer just babies, but they are still not yet ready for regular school. This is the stage where parents and other caregivers can help the child begin the process of learning.

The Ladybird Touch books are multisensory materials. They contain colourful illustrations that the children can also touch and feel distinctly. The Ladybird Toddler Touch: First Numbers contains illustrations for the numbers 1 to 10. Apart from the shape of the numbers itself, each panel contains pictures to count.

Each spread contains a main object that is repeated to represent the count of the number. for instance, there are two teddy bears for the number 2 and ten bees for the number 10. The toddlers can see the teddies and bees and also touch and feel them, as the pictures representing the count of the number are textured.

In addition to the textured pictures, the book also has finger guides across the spread. This helps improve hand-eye coordination, as the child can trace the wiggly lines and follow the pictures along the lines. This book thus helps them develop coordination as well as teaching them concepts like numbers and counting.

Ladybird Toddler Touch: First Numbers was published by Penguin UK in 2012. This book is available in hardcover.

Key Features:


  • These books are highly interactive, with textured illustrations, finger trails and flaps to lift and reveal pictures underneath.
  • The pages contain simple rhyming verses which help the children understand what is being conveyed and getting them to participate in the required activity, like counting the number of bees or teddy bears or tracing the finger guides, as they follow the pictures in sequence.
  • The pages in the book are thick enough to withstand handling by toddlers.