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Suni goes to space

Author: Arthy Muthana Singh and mamta nainy

Format: paperback

Age: Ages 4 to 6

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Quick Overview

 Every big adventure begins with a thought, a question or a dream, just like it did for Suni.

A chance announcement on the radio about Neil Armstrong’s voyage to the Moon sets little Suni thinking. She wonders how he managed to get there. Did he climb up a ladder all the way to the moon? Or jump on to a giant hot-air balloon? Maybe he rode on the back of a bird? When she finds out how he really did it—aboard a giant space shuttle—Suni is blown away. And she knows what she will be when she grows up: an astronaut.

The possibilities, hopes and dreams that were once Suni’s now belong to little girls everywhere. Beautifully illustrated by Aniruddha Mukherjee, and movingly told by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy, the story of Sunita Williams—an Indian-origin girl in America who reached for the stars and the moon, not once or twice but a record seven times—comes blazingly alive.

A collection of beautifully illustrated picture books for children aged five to eight-year-olds. Each book in the Little Leaders series will introduce young readers to an incredible story of people who followed their dreams, despite all odds. These tales of passion and courage will emphasise that turning-point in the lives of role models, some of them as old as the readers themselves. Both parents and children will appreciate these moving stories of grit, determination, perseverance and using the imagination.